M.Sc. in Informatics Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Stefanakis Ioannis

Tel: (+30) 2810 379753
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e-mail: gstefan@hmu.gr
Special Technical Laboratory Staff
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Short CV
Mr. Ioannis Stefanakis holds a permanent position as Specific Technical Laboratory Staff at Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of H.M.U. He graduated from the Faculty of Food technology and Nutrition of Technological Institute of Athens.
He is responsible for the maintenance/operation/calibration of the laboratory equipment of Chemistry lab. This equipment is related with: UV/VIS spectrometer, Ion Chromatography, BOD, COD, pH- and conductivity-meters, Trimeter water analysis, Oxygen meters, Amperometers, Voltmeters. He takes part in the preparation and conduction of experiments for the laboratory exercises of Undergraduate courses and he also participates in the Postgraduate Program “Environmental Protection Technologies”, which is offered by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete in collaboration with the School of Engineering of the H.M.U.