M.Sc. in Informatics Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Student Information

Student Ticket Pass
The Student Ticket Pass is supplied to all students enrolled for an undergraduate degree and is valid for all the years their studies last (the normal duration of studies extended by 50%).
The Student Ticket Pass offers students discount of the ticket prices in busses, coaches, trains, coastal ship lines of the country as well as discounts in museums and art events.
The Student Ticket Pass is supplied by the Online Acquisition Service of the Student Ticket Pass, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports technically supported by the Greek Research and Technology Network. Application forms are checked by the department’s Administration in the beginning of each academic year.

Dinning – Restaurant – Kiosk
In the premises of the Technological Educational Institute, a restaurant and a kiosk is run, where students may find refreshments, hot drinks, snacks and meals in low prices. The parents of students that earn a low annual income, have the right to a dinning card, which is supplied by the Office for Students’ Welfare of the Institute.

The Institute offers accommodation that can host around 300 students. The terms of accommodation are communicated by the Office for Students’ Welfare of the Institute.
Insurance – Health Care
The Department of Health and Social Care (practice) of the Institute issues a student health booklet  to assist in covering hospital, medical and dental care of students with no health insurance, namely those that are not covered by the insurance provider of their parents or those that cannot use their family one due to distance.
The Institute issues a European Health Insurance Card for those students insured at the Institute, and wish to travel to other European countries within the framework of student exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus etc.).

Mediary Office
The Mediary Office is connecting production and education and offers its services to:

    • Businesses, professionals, organizations, public services, local government services that are looking for expert staff.
    • Chambers, Federations, Associations etc. to absorb expert staff.
    • Students and graduates of the Institute in Crete that are interested in their professional career, in a Masters course, scholarships and opportunities of professional training.
    • Undergraduates (8th semester) looking for practical traineeship.

A library is found in the premises of the Institute and assists in the research and teaching activities of the Institute and offers a wide range of different formatted material (books, journals, CD-ROM etc.). The library opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon every day during the academic year. Students have the right to borrow material after receiving a member card, which is issued in the library.
In the premises of the Library, the Electronic Reading Room operates, which sits ten people, and serves those who wish to learn and use the material of the electronic library and other internet resources. All members of the Institute have the right to use it.

Public Labs
The public labs operate in a 12-hour basis in order the students working on a project can be assisted. They are manned by appropriate staff that assist students in case of issues or give answers to their questions.

International Programs – Student Exchange
Within the framework of the European Programs, students of the Institute may spend a semester in an European country to attend classes and complete their dissertation or their traineeship. The transfer is performed according to the procedures of student exchange for the corresponding time. Information and assistance to students is provided by the International Affairs Office of the Institute.

Practical Traineership
The practical internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum in the Institute and is included in the 8th semester. The purpose of the internship is for students to practice taught theories of their subject matters.
The duration of the internship is six (6) months. In order to qualify, students must have successfully completed a number of courses which have been determined by the Department. The internship takes place in both the public and private sectors, as well as in technological institutions or companies in the European Community. The Department assigns each student a member of the Educational Personnel (Supervisor) who in collaboration with the supervisor of the company, service etc. makes sure that the student will absorb the maximum benefits from the exercise. The Department also operates a special committee, which deals with all aspects of the internship.
The internship is paid work, and the students are insured throughout its duration.
Sports Center
The Institute offers a Gym. Often, internal championships are organized between Schools, while teams of the Institute take part in Panhellenic student championships.
Students may train in the following sports:
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Swimming
    • Water polo
    • Table tennis
    • Sharpshooting
    • Martial Arts
    • Traditional Dances
    • Chess

Social Activities
From time to time, with the initiative of students, the following societies and clubs are operating.

  • Radio Society
  • Theater Society
  • ​Chess Society
  • Motorcycle Club
  • Music Society
  • Ecology Society
  • Photography Society
  • Climbing Society
  • Cinema Society

Board of Students
In the Department, a Student Board operates according to the Institute’s regulations. The Student Board is voted during the student elections, in April of each year. Student representatives appointed by the Board of Students have the right of vote in all the administration activities of the Department.