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Student Guidelines for Master

Student Guidelines for Master’s thesis

    1. Introduction
This document aims to provide a guide for the preparation of a master’s thesis for the postgraduate program ‘Informatics & Multimedia’ of the School of Applied Technologies of TEI of Crete. A master’s thesis must show that the student is able to work in a scholarly manner and is acquainted with the principal works published on the subject of the thesis. As much as possible, it should be an original contribution. For the program ‘Informatics & Multimedia’, a master’s thesis generally consists of approximately 100 pages. The period of study is typically the last semester, but generally speaking, it may commence earlier following approval by the General Assembly. At present the program accepts master’s thesis in a single format which is that of an academic report. Other possible formats such as for example a compilation of papers / articles or industrial thesis is currently not acceptable. Special attention is to be given to the two forms – ‘Thesis proposal form’ and ‘Notice of intention to submit thesis’ – to be prepared and submitted by all students either prior to or in the course of the thesis work.
    1. Responsibilities of the student

1. Find a supervisor and prepare the ‘Thesis proposal form’

Students are advised to initiate the following steps as early as possible and in any case prior to registering for the third semester

  • Decide on an appropriate thesis topic and draft the idea
  • Find a thesis supervisor
  • Revisit and finalize the thesis topic in collaboration with your thesis supervisor
  • Discuss expectations and the terms for collaboration with your thesis supervisor
  • As needed, obtain other approvals such as ethics approvals
  • Develop a work plan and give your thesis supervisor a copy
    1. Examiners
  • In collaboration with your thesis supervisor, find names of examiners for the thesis.
  • Examiners are members of the General Assembly of the program or external academics and / or recognized researchers
  • Nominate the external examiners as early as possible (and no later than the final submission of the ‘Thesis proposal form’)
    1. Submitting for thesis proposal form
  • Prepare and submit the ‘Thesis proposal form’ to the Department Secretariat by 31st May for initial screening and review
  • Liaise with members of the department’s thesis committee (Prof. Pallis, Prof. Vidakis, Prof. Panagiotakis) to streamline, fine-tune and revise the ‘Thesis proposal form’ (if needed)
  • Resubmit (if needed) the final ‘Thesis proposal form’ by early September
  • All final ‘Thesis proposal forms’ will be reviewed and registered by the General assembly (in September)
    1. Working for the thesis
  • Collaborate with your supervisor to define technical details, methods to be used and approach
  • Meet with your thesis supervisor and co-supervisor and submit drafts of your work
  • Consider writing one or two progress reports and send these documents to your thesis supervisor and co-supervisor for comments
    1. Thesis submission intention
One month before the end of the semester
  • Determine the exact title of the thesis in collaboration with your thesis supervisor
  • Determine jointly with your thesis supervisor your official thesis submission date
  • Prepare and submit the ‘Notice of intension to submit thesis’ to the Department Secretariat Office before the official completion of the semester
    1. Thesis approval by examiners
Due by end of semester or shortly after (January)
  • Complete the preparation of your thesis for submission in final document form, according to guidelines.
  • Submit your thesis to your thesis supervisor and thesis committee, as needed, for approval
  • Along with your thesis supervisor read the examiners evaluation reports
  • Make the necessary correction / updates
  • Finish making the changes required by your thesis supervisor and thesis committee
    1. First submission of thesis
Due by the end of the semester or shortly after
  • Submit one electronic copy of your thesis to the department’s Secretariat Office.
    1. Presenting the thesis
Shortly after the end of the semester (week in February before the start of the summer semester)
  • In collaboration with your thesis supervisor, prepare your oral presentation (15 – 20 minutes)
  • Be prepared to respond to questions from the audience
    1. Final submission and defense
  • Submit the final thesis material
  • Complete the ‘Register for degree’ form (to be announced)