M.Sc. in Informatics Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Advanced Software Engineering & Big Data Modelling

Module Title: Advanced Software Engineering & Big Data Modelling

Teaching hours:
Credits: 7,5
Semester: 1st

Course Objectives
The course aims to present the principles, techniques, and methods for professional and systematic software development. The Unified Modeling Language (UML), CASE tools like Visual Paradigm and programming languages like Python and JAVA, will be used in the context of this course. Furthermore, the course shows how to handle the volume, speed and variety of big data of SQL and noSQL databases. It also looks at issues related to data management and data quality. In order for students to deepen in Software engineering and big data modelling, several software examples will be examined during the course lectures.
After completing the course the student will have the necessary knowledge to:

  • Be able to design software,
  • Use CASE tools for analyzing and designing software,
  • Be able to administer the software development,
  • Be able to use language modeling systems,
  • Be able to implement professional software,
  • Identify different data items,
  • Select a data model that matches its data characteristics,
  • Apply techniques for managing flow data,
  • Know differences between a traditional database management system and a large data management system,
  • Recognize why there are so many data management systems.

Indicative Course Syllabus
Software creation and management

  • System description languages – Unified Modelling Language (UML)
  • Designing software

Requirements analysis
Software design engineering
Software design trade-offs
Software implementation planning
Software design techniques

  • Software development process management

 Software development methods
Rapid application development
Agile software development
Capability Maturity Model
Waterfall model
Spiral model
Design patterns
Risk management

  • Software development techniques

Software prototyping
Object oriented development
Software product lines
Error handling and recovery

  • Big Data Modeling

Introduction to Big Data Modelling
Introduction to Data Models (Structures, Operations & Constraints)
Introduction to Relational Data Models and Semi-structured Data Models
XML versus JSON on the Internet
Exploring the Relational Data Model of Comma Separated Values (CSV)
Exploring the Semi-structured Data Model of JSON data
Vector Space Model, Graph Data Model, Other Data Models
Working With Data Models
Data Model vs. Data Format
Data Streams
Data Lakes
Streaming data applications
Exploring Streaming Sensor Data
Big Data Management: The “M” in DBMS
DBMS-based and non-DBMS-based Approaches to Big Data


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